Structural design capability was added to the Bureau SRH offering in 2017, when Dr Richard Barnes became the company’s first structural engineer. He was joined by Dr Gavin Lume in 2018. Both engineers hold PhD’s in Engineering, and can apply the logical thinking of tertiary research to solve your building challenges.

In a rare industry association, Bureau SRH offers both structural and architectural design services. We can provide clients with a coordinated structural and architectural package from within the one practice. This facilitates exploration of more elegant solutions to unique building features which stretch both structural and architectural boundaries.

Clever structural engineering can apply independently of scale. Thus we are capable of designing structurally across a multitude of different applications ranging from residential houses that need to support rooftop swimming pools, hospitals that contain radiation bunkers, and commercial high-rise towers bridging existing rail networks.

In their working careers, Richard and Gavin have been involved in a number of award-winning structural projects and have published a number of structural papers.


Westfield Sydney City, 2012, Institution of Engineers Excellence Award for Buildings and Structures

BridgeClimb  over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1999, Institution of Engineers Excellence Award for Heritage

South Sydney Juniors Rugby League Football Club, 1996, National ACEA Awards for Excellence 

Highgate Apartments, 1995, Concrete Institute’s Award for Excellence for Design Innovation